1. So you know those funny little squares on the sides of bus stops called “QR Code?” Turns out they’re not just wallpaper anymore. ┬áPet Shop Boys invites you, or more accurately implores and bombards you, with their “Integral” music video and show us that QR Code isn’t just useful, it’s a dynamic, expressive if not beautiful artistic form.


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Hi I'm Blerime. I know. It's hard to pronounce. You can call me Blu until you get it.

I am a strategic advisor to entertainment, advertising, telco and emerging tech clients on everything from business development and convergence to marketing and transmedia.

I also run a company called Brand Band Inc., a collective of creative and technology partnerships helping architect and execute story-led fan experiences. Brand Band Inc. is also developing an agency to help brands and artists monetize the metadata collected through the long-term cultivation of their fan communities.

I'm attempting to remedy my gypsy ways in Los Angeles but on occasion you can find me haunting the streets of New York, Boston and London.